30 July 2019

This weekend Tony Revell claimed another national championship, Bob Ford was 2nd at Hog Hill and Naomi Shinkins was 1st in age group and 2nd overall at the Outlaw full distance triathlon.


It was a quiet weekend for most of our off road team but not Tony Revell. Tony decided he'd have a go at something fun ... the fat bike national champs ... and won it! After 6 hours of racing Tony was the fastest on his Trek fat bike ahead of Slam 69 and Aero Coach riders. Well done Tony, you just don't stop!



On the road we had the reliable Bob Ford doing what he does best .... claiming category podiums! This time Bob was at Hog Hill, continuing his racing form at the Le Col series. Bob had the series leader on his wheel for most of the race but Bob had to make do with 2nd place but still a strong performance as he crossed the line with a flat rear tyre.


Naomi Shinkins was taking on the Outlaw full distance triathlon in Nottingham - 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and a marathon to finish. This was one of Naomi's 'A' races for the year where she was looking to get a full distance triathlon pb on what is usually a flat and fast course. However, it wasn't to be at the weekend with torrential rain and a flooded bike course. The race started at 6am and Naomi was 4th lady out of the water but on exiting the water athletes were pulled aside to be told the bike section had to be cancelled due to road conditions and the marathon would start at 9am. Despite the disappointment Naomi had a great run to finish 2nd overall and first in her age group. In Naomi's own words:

"A bit gutted to not be able to put my awesome Trek Speed Concept to use this weekend after all the hard hours put into long distance time trialling over the past few months. But such is life and I had to adapt to the situation. The weather was horrendous all weekend and the roads just weren't safe to ride but very grateful to the organisers for salvaging the event and letting us do the run after the swim, which was a logistical nightmare to organise. Didn't have my best swim, dropping back a bit on the second lap but still exited 4th lady out of the water. As we all exited the water we told there would be no bike section due to flooding and road conditions. To be honest I half expected the whole thing to be cancelled when I was driving to the race. Time to readapt ... new goals ... marathon pb. As we had 2 hours for the run section to get organised I nipped back to the air b'n'b had a quick shower and change of clothes (not your usual transition) and was back for 9am start. They set us off at 5 second intervals so I put myself half way down my wave so I would have people to chase. Delighted to pull off a marathon pb on a course that was 50% trail and muddy and waterlogged running my way up to 2nd place overall and taking the age group win! Huge thanks to the guys at Cycleworks for getting the Trek Speed Concept ready to race, I know it would have been fast in the right conditions!"



Finally, a big get well soon to Stephen Corbyn who came off his bike at the weekend and had some bad grazing and concussion! Please rest up and recover before you race again!


All these great results are not possible without the fantastic support we get from our sponsors, Manuel Builders, Gibbs and Dandy Bournemouth, Hill & Son Ford Service, IW Price & Partners, AJN Electrical and in8 Creative Design. And of course our title sponsors Ford Civil Engineering, Vitec Ceilings and Partitions Ltd and Bournemouth Cycleworks, who provide many our riders top quality Trek speed machines and Bontrager equipment across all disciplines to race on.