1 September 2019

The season is coming close to an end for many of our riders but the team is still out there racing and bringing home the results ....

15 August 2019

This weekend the big event was the Brighton Big Dog off road lap race and team riders didn't disappoint with wins in the male and female pairs, male grand vet podium and a female solo podium.

30 July 2019

This weekend Tony Revell claimed another national championship, Bob Ford was 2nd at Hog Hill and Naomi Shinkins was 1st in age group and 2nd overall at the Outlaw full distance triathlon.

30 July 2019

A little mid-season update from one of our mountain bike riders, Sam Humphrey ....

Well…..the Nationals are done for another year, season is over right?

No where near! Whilst I certainly feel like I need a rest from the constant pursuit of better “numbers” weight watching….and in my case injury management,  for many, the racing calendar is still in full swing……or just getting going!

Lets cast an eye back over the first part of the season for the MTB contingent of the team….