12 May 2017

It made a very welcome change to start the 2017 Bournemouth Cycleworks Morton races in sunny conditions, after experiencing torrential weather for the opening Moreton rounds over the last few years!

One of the major aims of the Moreton organising team is to try and promote and encourage racing for women. For the last couple of years there have been a number of Ladies Only Moreton races and this year every Moreton round includes a Ladies Only race. With the first of these races getting underway last night, the improvements made over the last couple of years were very evident.

43 minutes of flat out racing, with most laps averaging over 23mph, resulted in a rare dead heat for first place between Molly Haycock (Bmth Arrows) an Gail Brown (Bmth Uni), with Lora White (Hub CC) taking third spot. 

For the Open race, Morton races offer a different approach to things compared to the categorised British Cycling system, by employing the TLI handicapping way of doing things. This gives all level of racers a chance to shine, which always makes for exciting and flat out racing!

This was demonstrated from the off with a 20 string "intermediate" green group starting things off. Next up were the "experienced" blue group, containing some new faces and a couple of previous green group riders stepping up their game this year. Finally, off went the "fast" reds, with a 7 minute gap to the greens to try and catch over the course of an hour and a bit.

Despite a few missing faces, the understaffed red group managed to catch the blue group with a few laps to go, but catching the well organised green group was another matter. With still a large gap remaining on the last lap, it proved to be mission impossible for the reds, with Bill Hayes (Hub CC) surging from the greens at the line to take the win, followed by Lyndon Thompson (NFCC) and Pete Carter (White Tri).

In an effort to encourage the youth riders, we have now decided that this year the top under 18 rider will get a mention every week (and a cash prize!), which this week was 16yo Chris McLaughlin (UK-Biking - Bournemouth Cycleworks - Trek). Also don't forget that all riders results will be uploaded to the TLI from now on and will contribute to their age category national rankings!

Well done to everyone who races and welcome to all the new riders. Also a big thank you to all the marshals and the series sponsor Bournemouth Cycleworks. See you next week!

Provisional Results

Ladies Only Race

1. Molly Haycock - Bournemouth Arrows / Hotel Collingwood
1. Gail Brown - Bournemouth University
3. Lora White - Hub CC
4. Laura Rayner - Westbury Wheelers
5. Emma Needham - CC Weymouth
6. Carol Tilley - Weber Creative Interiors

Open Race

1. William Hayes - Hub CC
2. Lyndon Thompson - NFCC
3. Pete Carter - White Tri
4. Nicholas Barks - Unattached
5. mark hardwicke - bournemouth arrow cc
6. Bob Ford - uk-biking
7. conal low-grier - Mud, Sweat n Gears CC
8. David Furze - Unattached
9. Peter Lamb -
10. Gordon Scott - CC Weymouth
11. Shaun Palmer - RNRMCA
12. Simon Davis - UK Biking
13. Stephen Morphew - Unattached
14. Mike Copson - Unattached
15. James horton - Vc st Raphael
16. Martin Rowland - Uk-Biking
17. Ryan Weston - Uk Biking
18. Chris McLaughlin - UKB
19. giles greening - tri uk
20. Darren Orchard - Mud Sweat n Gears
21. Phil Cole - Mud sweat n gears
22. Simon Merritt - UK Biking Cycleworks TREK
23. Julian Lockwood - Primera -TeamJobs
24. Craig Haslam - TriUK
25. Sam Brooke - Poole wheelers
26. Tom Carter - Mud sweat n gears cc
27. Shaun amor - UK Biking
28. Phil Dickson - Unattached
29. Steve Dring - UK-Biking
30. Max Baldock - Poole Wheelers cc
31. Chris Wilson - Tornado RCC
32. Graham Biles - MSnG
33. Nick Carroll - Mud sweat and gears cc
34. Tom Clements - Offcamber
35. Duncan Towner - Mud Sweat N Gears
36. Chris Matley - Unattached
37. Jamie Haycock - BACC
38. Simon Lock - Unattached
39. Martyn Dickson - Unattached
40. Martin Howes - Tornado RCC
41. George Creasey - UK-Biking Bournemouth Cycleworks Trek
42. Matt Merritt - Mud sweat and gears
43. Adrian Riddleston - GDW
44. David Gilham - Bournemouth Arrow

If you see any mistakes, feel free to let us know!