12 December 2016

Signing on:

Is in Moreton village hall from 5.45 pm to 6.45pm - please sign on in plenty of time to allow the race to start on time.


Race start: 7.00pm
Usual finish time: 8.10pm.
Number of laps: The race runs for 1 hour + 1 lap.


Entering the race costs just £6 if you're a TLI member and just £3 for Juniors (18 and under).

Riders must visit the TLI website to complete the TLI application form online before turning up to race.


The Groups

The race is run under TLI rules which encourages handicapped groups designed to create a sprint for the line.

The riders can choose which group they start in according to their ability. At Moreton we have five handicap groups, each group having different coloured numbers.

The race organiser has discretion to vary the groups, the handicap timings, and who rides in which group, depending on the size of the groups, and rider ability. If a group is too small it may be merged with another group off the start line.

Which group?

Riders are advised to join the group which best matches their ability. It is better for you as a rider, and for the race, if you're in a group that stretches you. Riders are allowed to move groups at any time during the series, to allow them to find the correct group.

If a rider wins a race or places highly then they will be encouraged to move up a group, when appropriate. Any rider that is deemed to be taking an unfair advantage from being in a group that doesn't tax them and wins the race,  they will be required to start in the scratch group for the remainder of the series!

When groups catch each other

It is possible for riders in the orange, yellow, green and blue groups to work together and stay away, but if the red/scratch group catches your group they have earned the right to pass unimpeded and riders must keep in, resisting the temptation to spread out and/or try to get into red group as they come through. Once the whole red group has passed, riders from the other groups may join on the back of this group and now the race is on ;-)

Race Points

Points will be awarded to the top 10 riders (if possible), with the winner gaining 10 points though to 1 point for 10th place.

Championship races carry double points for the top 10.

All riders attending the race (even when marshalling) will also be awarded an additional 2 points, to recognise consistency throughout the series.


Each rider is required to provide marshalling for at least one week per season, this can either be the rider themselves or a friend/family member. Preferred dates can be pre-booked by contacting us.

If we don't have enough marshals on the day of the race then it will, unfortunately, be cancelled.

Riders who have not provided marshalling by the end of the season will get bad karma.